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Top Android Apps! (September 2018)

Here are my picks for the best apps of the month!

LastPass –
Power Shade –
Resplash –
Lawnchair v2 –
Quantum Dots –
YouTube Vanced (+ MicroG) –
Overdrop –
Musicana –
Sharedr –
Alto’s Odyssey –

Favorite Filmmaking Gear –
Where I Got My Phone –


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10 Secret Phone Features You’ll Start Using Right Away

10 handy tips for iOS and Android users. Did you know that you can take photos, while you’re filming a video or make your password a current time? Watch carefully for these and many other cool smartphone features!

Smartphones are basically everything these days. They allow you to save any type of information you need and easily multi task. And even though we are all experienced smartphone users, it’s pretty much impossible to know all the tips and hacks because smartphones are getting more and more advanced, adding a lot of new and very useful features you probably don’t even have a clue about!

How to block ads 1:00
Wi-Fi passwords 2:01
Create your own reply for missed calls 2:59
Android guest mode 4:00
Secret iPhone codes 4:43
Audio timer 5:40
Take photos while shooting videos 6:38
Share content immediately 7:30
Keyboard and mouse 8:28
Screen Lock – Time Password 9:21

– When you have an important level to pass or battle to win, and suddenly, completely out of the blue and at the most inopportune moment, there it is – an ad. Just turn on the Airplane Mode on your phone and the problem is solved!
– Every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi, your phone shows you dots instead of the actual password letters on your screen. But what if you need to quickly connect the other device to the certain source of Wi-Fi and you don’t remember the password? There is the app called Wifi Password Show.
– You can create your own texts for any occasion possible! Just go to Settings, choose Phone, then Respond with Text and voila – here you can make your own personal message that will be sent to your contacts.
– Turn on a Guest Mode! To switch it on, simply tap the User icon in the top right corner of the quick Settings panel. Then tap Guest.
– If you enter *#31# you will hide the number for all calls. If you need it just for one certain call, you can type #31# right before the number you’re calling.
– Audio Timer will allow your device to turn off all the audio at a certain time. This is available only to iOS users, though, and takes only a couple of quick and easy steps.
– Another one of the coolest features that your iPhone has – taking photos while filming a video. This option is available for all the iPhone models from iPhone 5 and onward.
– Tap the Share icon in any app, choose Android beam from the list of options, and then just put the devices together back-to-back. A couple more seconds and your mission has successfully been obtained.
– If it is necessary, Android users can easily use keyboard or mice. This can be very useful if your display is damaged or if you just need to type a lot of text. All you need to do to attach a keyboard or mouse to your Android phone is a USB on-the-go cable.
– ! The app is called Screen Lock – Time Password and it will make your phone’s current time (or any other option related to time) its lock screen password. Just look at the clock and unlock your phone with the current numbers.

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How to make website by using Android mobile

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These two new apk’s will take you to heaven. Watch free HD movies & TV Series on any android box, Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, etc.


Download Kohi movies apk:

Download HD Movies apk:

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Demerits of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana? What are the major Drawbacks of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme

Benefits and disadvantages of #Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana – सुकन्या समृद्धि योजना fayde नुकसान What are the major Drawbacks of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a new scheme for India’s Betoos on January 21, 2015. This scheme was initiated to push the BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO YOJANA. The name of this scheme is सुकन्या समृद्धि योजना #sukanyasamriddhiyojana

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana in Hindi – This #scheme has been made for small girls. Today there is a very low savings scheme in India which is better than the Sukanya Yojana. With the help of this scheme, parents can secure the future of their girls. This scheme is used for girls’ education as well as for wedding expenses. More information about #SukanyaYojana is given below.

What is sukanya samriddhi yojana? सुकन्या समृद्धि योजना kya hai?

Post office saving scheme for boy child?
Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme :
According to the 2016-17 budget of this scheme, you get interest at 8. 1 percent.
In this scheme, you can open the account of girls born from the daughter born to the age of 10 years.
You can also make small savings in this scheme.
You can get rid of income tax in this scheme

Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme Details
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If you do not invest in 250 rupees in 1 year, your account will get inactive and you will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50 to activate it.

Those who want to invest in this scheme need to know the advantages and #disadvantages of this plan. Today we will talk about the benefits of Sukanya Samrudhi Yojna in this article.

Benefits of Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana
6 Benefits of Yielding Benefits
There is a lot of advantages in this plan, from which we talk about some important benefits one by one.

Sukanya Yojana Details
Income Tax Exemption – You will be given a discount if you invest in any of the money that you invest in this scheme. You get a discount in 80C. Even when you withdraw money,
Secure – You can also compare this scheme with PPF because PPF also gets exemption from income tax, but as the plan is growing, we can say that this scheme is more helpful in securing the future of the girl. May be.

Rate of Interest {sukanya samriddhi yojana interest rate}
– Any small savings scheme has the highest interest rate of Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana. According to the 2016-17 budget, the interest rate of this scheme is 8.6% and we hope that this is likely to grow further.

Sukanya Yojana in hindi
After Maturiy – As we know this account is 21 years old, this account becomes mature but if the account holder wants to keep his account even after 21 years, then he can continue and the same interest rate Will keep getting money from

• sbi sukanya yojana calculator
• sukanya samriddhi yojana chart
• sukanya samriddhi scheme

Higher interest from PPF(sukanya samriddhi scheme in hindi
) – You can get higher interest rates than PPF in this scheme. According to 2105-16, the interest rate of PPF was 8.70, then the interest rate for this scheme is 9.20. And in 2016-17, 8.60 percent interest is available on this plan and 8.1 percent of PPF interest rate.

Disadvantages of Sukanya
Lock in period – You will have to deposit money for 14 years or you can not withdraw this money till the girl’s age is 21 years old.
Not being facilitated online(scheme for girl child in post office
) – Another weak side of this plan is that you cannot deal with this plan online. You will be able to pay the money in this account by demand draft or check.

No interest rate – the interest rate on investment in the scheme is not certain. In this, you can get a lower or higher interest rate from the rest of the investment plan. If it is invested in government bonds in the future.

Maximum 2 accounts – Only two accounts can be removed in a home in this plan. If you have more than 2 girls, then you can just open the account of 2 girls.
Minimal investment – You must invest at least 250 ch becomes a bit difficult for poor people.

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana IN HINDI – Best Government Schemes for Girl Child in Indiaअब 250 रुपये में :
सुकन्या समृद्धि स्कीम | #SukanyaSamriddhiYojana – it’s all about Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana :
Pre Mature Withdrawal – In this plan, you cannot withdr

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