(TRICK)$195 Paid Android Development course for free from Udemy.com with Certificate

Consider This as a New Year’s Treat will be back with more soon.

Udemy Course To apply:-https://goo.gl/5P2Ex4
Google Certification:- https://goo.gl/hvko1A
For Photoshop free Udemy course Check Out pinned post in comments.

Complete Bhim app guide, How it is better than PayTm what are its alternatives.

This is a Guide for BHIM app (Bharat Interface for Money App) that covers
1)How to make payments from it
2) What are its alternatives who use upi payment Method
2)How it is better than its rivals
3)What are its bugs
4)How to use it

Background music:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73mhTIB7Ao4

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Detect fake kickass mirror and Official communities Details (Dec 2016)

Finally its back with official community find out more about it in the video.

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Published: 2016-12-19 13:32:54
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How to convert your old 90s tv or monitor into a Smart T. V. (4k video)

This video is about showing you how to convert your old big fat T.V. into a smart one using a raspberry pi 3 which is comparatively much cheaper than a smart TV

To know about raspberry pi go to this link:-https://goo.gl/HXQs2t

Buy Raspberry pi 3:-http://goo.gl/F31vVO

These Rca should do the work:- https://goo.gl/euTMf9

To learn about Compatible RCA cable go here:- https://goo.gl/uJNWc5

OSMC os Download link:-https://osmc.tv/download/

Win32 Disk imager:- https://goo.gl/BCqZYY

Other operating system for raspberry pi:-https://goo.gl/NwXWui

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Best Media Center for PC(Linux, Windows or raspberry pi)

Part 2 will be Out soon Hope you bro’s liked it Subscribe for more

For Outdated pc with ram less than 512 mb:- 1:38
Linux Mint:-https://linuxmint.com/download.php
Command:- “sudo apt-get install kodi”

For updated windows pc:- www.kodi.tv 2:23

For CRT tv or Monitor Follow this guide links in its description:-


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Find ATM with cash near you using these services.

This May Help many people in avoiding time wastage by gettinng the accurate locations of working atm after Rupees 500 and 1000 ban for the removal of black money. A Great Move taken by Our P.M. Modiji
Link1:- https://goo.gl/LGhY72
Facebook Page:-https://goo.gl/8AnzFk
Background Music:- https://goo.gl/SIwmxr
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