USB Tethering with Peplink and Pepwave Routers

Did you know… the USB ports on Peplink and Pepwave routers aren’t just for USB data cards? You can USB tether many mobile hotspots and most Android phones as a primary or backup internet connection!

This also works on the Peplink Balance, MAX On The Go, MAX 700, and HD2 and HD4 routers!

Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 WiFi as WAN Speed Test

Boost RV Park WiFi, create a backup internet connection for your home or office, all with ease!

A look at the new Pepwave Surf SOHO and its WiFi as WAN capability. We’ll show a few use cases, and then run a speed test on the WiFi as WAN and the host network to see if the SOHO causes any performance issues.

The Pepwave Surf SOHO is a professional-grade Wi-Fi router designed for home office, small business, and power users. With support for 4G LTE/3G, cable, DSL, and other broadband connections, the Surf SOHO makes it possible to deploy fast and secure 802.11ac Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere. The Surf SOHO also features built-in long-range and optional external antennas, business-class VPN, cellular usage monitoring, and URL blocking, making it an ideal networking solution for a wide range of mobile and office uses.

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3Gstore VoIP and PBX Failover Test Line – Failover vs SpeedFusion (Peplink and Pepwave)

The 3Gstore Failover Test Line will test your failover router and how it handles VoIP traffic. Typical failover routers will leave you disconnected in the event of a primary connection failure, while SpeedFusion provides an always on unbreakable connection.

We are not showing the router used in the first half of the video. The purpose of the video is not to single out another manufacturer as this applies to ALL non SpeedFusion routers, rather this video is meant to educate people on the difference between standard failover and SpeedFusion bonding.

Call 866-347-8673 x611 to test your connection! Is your backup solution not what you thought? Is the disconnected during a failover not acceptable?

Learn more about SpeedFusion at

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Peplink and Pepwave SpeedFusion vs Failover Routers

This video features the Peplink MAX HD2 Mini. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the difference between a SpeedFusion connection and standard failover. Standard failover routers do NOT have session persistence in the event of a failover. While failover times can be improved by changing settings on these routers, nothing will change the fact that https traffic on the failed WAN will drop and have to be reconnected on the backup connection. For many applications, this means a failover will leave you disconnected. For example, processing a credit card payment, a login to online banking, a VoIP call. The session is built over the primary WAN and when that wan fails, you will have to re authenticate on the second WAN. You would be taken back to the login screen for e-mail or banking, have to process the card again, make a new phone call, etc.

This video is not targeting any specific manufacturer, rather it demonstrates the difference between SpeedFusion and failover. The same is true of a Peplink failover only router. We are not naming the other router used in this video and all identification has been removed. It could literally be any other router that is not SpeedFusion enabled and the end result would be the same!

As Peplink experts, 3Gstore receives questions everyday about SpeedFusion. What is it? How does it work? How can it help my business? We’ve put this information into video form to show you exactly how this can keep your business online. Do you need to know more or want to discuss if a SpeedFusion deployment is right for you? Contact the experts at 3Gstore and we’ll come up with with a solution for your business’s unique needs.

Learn more about SpeedFusion here –

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3Gstore Checkout with Apple Pay

A new way to checkout at using Apple Pay!
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Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini – How to Insert the SIM

How to insert the SIM card on the MAX BR1 Mini

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