Use an Android Tablet as a Video Live View Monitor (Tethered USB)

As I was considering getting a dedicated HDMI monitor, I stumbled across an INSANE deal on a Fire HD8. Knowing that there are apps for tethering (wired) via usb, I did a little research to install the Google Play store on my Fire so that I could install the qDSLR Dashboard app. The video shows how to configure both the Fire HD and a normal Android device and the hardware/cables you need to do this. The result is live view monitoring for video and photo and if you want to, you can even record directly to your device.

Download and Install the Google Play Store on your Fire HD:

Ipow Universal iPad Tripod Mount Adapter:

Insignia OTG Cable:

Josh Zaring, J. Zaring Studios

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Attaching an external USB hard drive to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

How to attach a USB external hard disk drive (HDD) to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 using the LAVA SimulCharge USB TL-002 adapter. The SimulCharge adapter uses USB On-The-Go (OTG) interfacing and lets you charge the tablet and power the hard drive at the same time. This functionality is also available on LAVA’s STS-* product line providing multiple USB ports, LAN, PoE.

NOTE: FAT32 file system should be used, as Android does not support NTFS.

This blog post gives more details on connecting USB hard drives to tablets:

The issue with external hard drives (and other peripherals that draw more power than the USB host port can supply) is discussed in this LAVA white paper: USB Power Budgeting.

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How to use Tablet, Phone Screen as FPV monitor, FPV Goggles

A super easy and cheap way to turn your phone, tablet or notebook into a FPV monitor! No apps needed on Windows 10. Free Go FPV, Pocket FPV apps available for Android.

FPV USB Adapter – $20.99
Xiaomi VR Viewer – $17.99
Long range antenna – $7.55

My favorite drone setup now
Eachine Tiny QX95 FPV Racing drone – $66.99
FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter Radio – $43.99

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Use An Android Tablet as a Live Monitor for your DSLR Camera

This video will show you everything you will need and how to set up your live view monitor for a DSLR camera.

Also, this video was made like 2 years ago. Things change over time. SO the two things wrong in this video now are: The app “dslrDashboard” is no longer a free app. You will have to buy it and it is not relatively cheap. Also, our website no longer exists since we were not getting any use out of it. So you will have to go on eBay or Amazon and buy the cables from there.
Sorry about the inconvenience.
Turn up…

Link to tablet mount:


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Sony A6300 using tablet or smartphone as an external video monitor

You can use you smartphone or tablet as an external video monitor for your A6300
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