Use Your Android as Modem or WiFi Router

WiFi Tethering essentially turns your smartphone into a wireless router. When your phone has a data connection, it can share that connection with all of the other devices connected to it. When it doesn’t have a data connection, it still functions as a wireless router – or more accurately, as a switch.
how to use your phone as usb modem for pc
how to use android phone as modem for windows
How can I use my phone as a router?
Can I use my cell phone as a router?
How do I connect my phone to my wireless router?
Can I tether my phone to my wireless router?
How can I connect my phone to WIFI router?
Can you use your mobile phone as a router?
How do I access my router from my phone?
What is a WIFI router and how does it work?

connect wifi without password hack works 1000%

No software needed just a moblile device an wifi router
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How to use pc internet on mobile without router 2017

How to Connect Computer internet to mobile via wifi without Router . Connect other Laptop , Tab, Android phone with wifi connection or wireless connection.
How to share internet connection from pc to android mobile

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How to get (Wifi Tether Router) app working! how to keep signal broadcasting!!

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Use your old router as WIFI extender (with simple steps)

Hey guys in this video i will be showing how you can use your old router as wifi extender.
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How To Share your Mobile Data Wirelessly to PC via WiFI Router

Share your mobile hotspot data to any device through the router. The router in repeater mode, receives the hotspot data and transmits it through LAN and WIFI.
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