Ustanovit Task Killer na Android

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Android TV – установка APK приложений без USB носителя.

Данный способ позволяет устанавливать на Android TV приложения, не доступные в официальном Play Market в т.ч АПК приложения.
Спасибо ребятам из dkc7dev за приложения.
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Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 8.1

Tutorial on How to Solve Bluetooth Not Working Issue on Windows 8.1 Laptop. Follow these steps to resolve the problem in few minutes.

Starting from the scratch, right click on the left bottom of the computer desktop to open the Run dialogue box. Type in “services.msc” to open the running services list. Here check for “Bluetooth Support Service” and then open it. First stop the service and check for Startup type and it should be in Automatic mode meaning that this service will automatically startsup when the system boots. Now move to Logon tab and make sure that “This Account” check box was ticked. You can even browse the accounts using Browse Button. Now delete the hidden passwords and click on Apply. Come back to initial tab and start the service then click Ok.

Now you need to download the right compatible software from official sources. If you already have right version of software, then install it. If it doesn’t solve the issue, try getting right version of Bluetooth software (Watch Video).

Right click on My Computer, select Properties from here select Device Manager then search for Bluetooth Hardware. Right Click on the Adapter then move to Details Tab. From the drop menu, select Hardware IDs. Copy the first one and make a google search to get the right version of Bluetooth that perfectly matches with your hardware. Download and install it to make the Bluetooth work with Windows 8.1.

Incase it fails, follow this final step. Open Run dialogue box again by right clicking on the left bottom corner and then type “regedit” which means we’re editing the registry. Select Yes in case User Account Control box popsup. Now follow the path. HKEY LOCAL MACHINE then Software then Microsoft then Windows NT then CurrentVersion. Now in the editor, change the value of Current Version from 6.3 to 6.2. Now Restart your PC to make this work.

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Free Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8.1

Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 8.1 Issue

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Skype for android tv,install any app (apk) on android tv

skype for sony android tv
i am using sony x85d series 55 inch 4k enabled tv

first you need to install es explorer from play store on android tv

connect your android phone and android tv to the same wifi network, download skype or any other apk on android phone

now use es explorer on the phone to send the apk to the tv,
and recieve it on tv using previously installed es explorer.

install skype or any other apk using es explorer on android tv.
you are good to go.

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Hey I found a way to solve the solution to the pop up that say’s (Unfortunately, the process has stopped.) If any question, please leave a comment. there is no rooting required for this process. I hope this helps you.

Here’s GooglePlay app if you want to replace the current one for a new one.
if you get lost here’s a direct link download
just click the (download)

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Samsung Smart TV – С,D,E,F,H,J серия-Как правильно зайти в Develop

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