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HOW TO ROAST A PIG – Spit roast piglet – Spanferkel recipe – Lechon – Crispy skin

HOW TO ROAST A PIG -In this video I will show you how to prepare a pig stuffed with all pork goodness. When you ever have the chance to make this … make sure you do!!

Expert level: I own a large barbecue and know how to work it!

Total cooking time: 5 hours 00 minutes
Preparation time 2 hours 00 minutes
Cooking time 3 hours 00 minutes

Whole Pig (piglet) – 6-8 kg
BBQ Rub – 1/4 cup
Sausage stuffing – 2,5 kg
Fresh fennel chopped fine – 1 piece
Fresh thyme – 5 tablespoons
Pulled pork – 2 kg

Get your piglet at Beef & Steak –

Suggested tools US:
Trussing needle –
Rotisserie –
Large cleaver –
Fillet knife –

Planning & Schedule:
05h00m – De-bone the piglet and mix the ingredients for the stuffing
04h40m – Stuff the piglet and sow it up
03h45m – Set your barbecue to indirect heat 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit and
03h00m – cook the piglet until the core temperature has reached 50 degrees Celsius or 125 Fahrenheit.
01h10m – Place you piglet on the spit and turn on the back burner. The piglet is done when the core temperature has reached 68 degrees Celsius or 150 Fahrenheit
00h10m – Slice the piglet in 1″ thick slices
00h00m – Enjoy Roasted Piglet

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Verizon CEO On The Future Of 5G | CNBC

Lowell McAdam, Verizon chairman and CEO, speaks to CNBC’s David Faber about 5G mobile technology development and deployment.
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