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Vikings: War of Clans is an epic MMO strategy game where armies of ruthless warriors clash in a never ending fight for Resources, power, and ultimate control over the northern kingdoms. Leading such an army is no easy task, and you’ll have to hone your tactical skill and strategic thinking if you want to have a chance at conquering even a single piece of land.

Thankfully, Vikings: War of Clans has a robust tutorial, so aspiring Vikings can jump into the action and start building their legacy in a manner of minutes.

The Vikings Beginner Tutorial video goes through the first few minutes of the game, showing the initial quests and explaining everything a novice warrior needs to know. From building your first building and expanding your base, through upgrading your Knowledge, to training units and sending them into battle – this video covers it all.

Of course, the video doesn’t just follow the in-game tutorial. There are plenty of gameplay tips and “did you know?” moments throughout it, so even if you already started playing Vikings: War of Clans, you should consider giving this video a watch – you might learn something that will give you an edge over your rivals.

Watch the Viking Beginner Tutorial and get your troops in order – the fate of the north is in your hands!

Stormfall: Age of War Game Play tutorial for beginners

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Learn to play Stormfall: Age of War like a true Lord! Watch our Stormfall Beginner Tutorial video to covers all the basics and then some.

Stormfall: Age of War is an intricate online strategy game, where you wage wars against other players, conquer territory and build your empire from the ground up. It is a deep, challenging MMO that requires clever planning, quick thinking, and a head for tactics and strategy to raise to the top. The highly competitive nature of the game means conflict is abound, and the key to victory isn’t always having the larger army.

Newcomers to the realm are safe from attack for their first few days, so they have the time to set their defenses, train a small army and learn the ropes without the threat of crushing defeat hanging over their heads. However, you’ll eventually face off against other players – from fresh-faced squires like you to veteran warlords who’ve seen countless battles. To make sure you don’t waste your grace period goofing off and wasting your Resources, Stormfall: Age of War offers an extensive tutorial that covers all the basics and then some.

The video below follows the Stormfall beginners tutorial and offers commentary on many of the subjects new players might need help with. The video is really extensive, so if you want to learn how to start playing Stormfall like a truly Lord, this is a great place to start. You’ll find information about buildings, Lost Arts and Scrolls, Achievements, Resources, training different Unit types, trading with other players and more.

The narrator also shares plenty of tips along the way that aren’t part of the official tutorial. Some of these tips are common knowledge, but a few can really give you an edge in your first few days and beyond.

While this beginner tutorial is more general and covers a wide array of subjects, future tutorials will each inspect a different aspect of Stormfall: Age of War. Unit types, combat and League are just some of the subjects you can expect us to tackle in future videos.

Once you watch the Stormfall Beginner Tutorial, you’ll be ready to jump into the realm of Darkshine and leave your mark on this dark fantasy MMO.

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Best guide to killing invader. Viking war of clans

Guide to armor, hero skills, knowledge tree for invader.
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Published: 2016-07-03 19:45:04
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Vikings: War of Clans – Vikinghood (Extended Version)

Massively multiplayer online game

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Vikings: War of Clans – Cinematics Trailer

Vikings: War of Clans is available on mobile and desktop! Play for free on Google Play: or on desktop

Welcome to the beautiful but deadly Northern lands, where only the most capable warriors survive. It’s a harsh and brutal place, fraught with danger, but also glory. Bands of Vikings roam the Kingdom, raiding and pillaging without guidance. It is time for a true Viking Jarl to step up and lead them on their greatest conquest.

Vikings: War of Clans is a fierce strategy title that puts you in the boots of a powerful Jarl, in charge of a massive Viking army. Inspired by the historical era of Vikings from 750 to 1050 AD, the game takes players to a ruthless world of Vikings, governed by freedom, power, fear and violence. Players must lead brave warriors into battle, conquer the world and prove their mighty rule against other clans from all over the world.

Play Vikings: War of Clans on Facebook or on the official website. The game’s mobile version is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Build your Kingdom, lead armies of savage Vikings, and go on the attack alongside friends in an epic struggle for Clan supremacy!

Your Viking Village is the center of your ever-growing empire. Use your fortune to turn your Village from a small town to a prosperous capital. Build impenetrable defenses and recruit a powerful army. With the blessing of Odin, you’ll stand fast in the face of conflict and emerge victorious every time.

Those who tasted victory know that nothing will ever taste as sweet. Train an army of Berserkers and Shield maidens to spread your dominion across the land. Your armies will descend on your enemies and pave your way to victory. Band together with friends and players from around the world to form your own Clan and declare yourselves the true rulers of the North.

Amass piles of resources by plundering neighboring Towns and lands, and put them straight into advancing your armies and kingdom. Discover the Knowledge of warfare, diplomacy and trade, Use it to strengthen your ranks with legendary warriors, or boost your coffers with gold. Wise Jarls will uncover many different ways to wage war, but only one of them will rule the North in Vikings: War of Clans.

Vikings: War of Clans is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Korean.
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Vikings war of clans HERO BUILD

Hero spec for viking war of clans time to play smart I forgot to mention max hero level is 50
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Published: 2015-09-02 14:44:42
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