Virtual Single Mom New Baby Born Sim | Android Gameplay by AJ Gaming

Virtual Single Mom New Baby Born Sim
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Have you ever experienced the life of a single mom? Who is the only home keeper of her family? Virtual Single Mom New Baby Born Sim especially designed for the virtual mom games, new born baby games, virtual family games and virtual happy family games lovers. In this virtual family game, you are going to play the role of a single mom that having the too much-exhausted responsibilities of a newborn baby and a young girl.

Playing as a virtual mom, you have to fulfil the responsibilities of the mom as well as the virtual dad respectively who is working in another city. Single mom having the task related to cook the delicious and yummy food for family. Shopping with family at shopping mall, drive the luxury car towards the shopping mall and many more amazing task to play. Fabulous 3D environment of home and shopping mall gives you the realistic feelings.


Enjoy the most adventurous Virtual Single Mom New Baby Born Sim that contains the incredible and interesting tasks to play as a single virtual mom. Face the most challenging tasks as a housekeeping mom like, wake up your kids, go to kitchen to make delicious and healthy food for family. Change your baby dress and take your kids towards the virtual shopping mall for buying the household things. Buy house related things that are write on the shopping list like, apple, banana, orange, chocolates, water, soda bottles and biscuits. Play the multiple roles like, play as crawling baby who wandering in the home to search the lost bags etc. Play as a young girl give medicine to your lovely mother who is tired, find the toys for crying kid and watch TV with your loving family in this adventure Virtual Single Mom New Baby Born Sim. Complete the entire task as soon as possible to get more score in this adventure simulation. Amazing 3D graphics and awesome camera angles made this game crazier.

Key Features:

• Play as virtual mom, new baby kid, and young girl.
• Be a brave virtual mom and accomplish all the tasks.
• Drive the luxury car with your kids.
• 3D environment of house and shopping mall.
• Challenging and fun game play.
• Cool sounds effects and fabulous camera angles.

Get ready to experience the challenging life of a single mom in this adventurous simulator like, Virtual Single Mom New Baby Born Sim. Being a brave virtual mom, do not scared from the virtual house jobs, just grab the free Virtual Single Mom New Baby Born Sim and become the best virtual mom who can challenge all the difficulties as well as the exhausted tasks.

Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator | Android Gamplay HD

Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator
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Get ready to play Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator to raise your horse family and protect mate from wild jungle animals. Choose your favorite horse breed like brown, grey and white to enjoy thrilling game. Explore the beautiful open world in our Epic Latest Quest game. Play like best horse breed and build your family to survive in the jungle. Hunt wild animals and raise your baby horses by playing this entertaining simulator. This game is just like a story of the horse and you are living the life of the horse in the forest.

Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator is thrilling game for all horse game lovers and simulation game fans. There are many surprises for you in this game and you will not disappoint. You will be guided in every horse quest with unique wonderful tasks. Follow the mini map to get proper directions. Free roaming in the jungle and search food for your child. Protect your family members, mark your land, and fight the wild animal enemies. Grow your baby filly and guide him how to survive in jungle. Sleep at your horse house and live with the mate.


Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator is exciting game with interesting gameplay where you play as Virtual Horse and raise your family to build your territory. Choose your horse to play thrilling game. Use your magic powerful powers in this adventure game. Build your skills, eat mushrooms and drink water to increase your power. Successfully complete quests with your hunting skills. This game is fully featured adventure and action game. Fight with dangerous Wolves and some special hunting missions made this simulator interesting as well as entertaining.

Raise your young filly horse and save your mate from wild animals while playing this forest game. Complete journeys with eating food and drinking water to increase energy level. Make friends or struggle against jungle predators. Find carrots and mushrooms in open world jungle environment to build your energy.

Fight with dangerous animals like wolf, archer, angry bear, brutal lion and tiger with the help of hunting skills. Be wild horse and save your family. Each horse has different attacks and surviving techniques. Use your powerful kick to kill your enemies and save your horse family from forest predators. The final battle is difficult to win against archer and wild horse. Thrilling gameplay is ready to blast the game in gaming world with the help of surviving skills.

Key Features:

• Play as Wild Horse and Raise your Family.
• Choose your favorite horse breed to survive.
• 3D Graphics and open world environment.
• Use magical powers to protect your family from predators.
• Addictive gameplay and smooth horse controls.
• Find food to refill your Energy and raise baby horses.
• Fight against archer and wild animals like bear, lion.
• Challenge your rival horses to race.

Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator is specially designed for all Virtual horse game lovers and jungle simulation fans. You will need to use your magic powers and use your brain to win the battle against predators. When your hunger level gets low you need to eat food and survive in the dark jungle with your loving horse family.

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Virtual Mom Police Working Family Game | Android Gameplay by AJ Gaming

Virtual Mom Police Working Family Game
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Have you ever been experience the life of a virtual mom that are taking the responsibilities of a virtual family as well as the job of police department?

Get ready to experience the life of a virtual mother of two kids, take the responsibility of busy virtual dad or virtual father, cook delicious food without any kitchen helper and fulfill the requirements of the virtual happy family. Unlike the other virtual families games and virtual mother games, here in Virtual Mom Police Working Family Game you are going to experience the multiple role of a virtual mother. Provide safety to your neighbors as a diligent lady police officer and set an example for young lady house wife’s.

Virtual Mom Police Working Family Game contains the amazing house tasks to perform as well as police department task too. As a virtual wife, you have to make delightful breakfast for your virtual husband as well as find his lost things before going to job. Wear your police uniform and drive your awesome car towards the police department for daily duty. Be alert while driving the police van, follow the wireless instruction and catch criminals etc. Arrest the criminals and robbers that snatch some things from the shops. Amazing camera angle and cool graphics made this game addictive.


Enjoy the fantasy of Virtual Mom Police Working Family Game that contains the intuitive missions for virtual mommy games lovers and woman police officer games lovers. Playing as a virtual mom, you have to take care of your virtual kids, give delicious food on time. Before going to police duty, you have to wear your police uniform. Drive your luxury car and reach in police office on time. Take your police car and listen the wireless instruction car fully. Drive the police car carefully and arrest the criminal that are planning something dangerous in the grand city. Set an example for the other women that females can dare anything in this modern life. The game play not over yet, drive the police car at a nimble speed to chase the criminals. Crash the criminal vehicle by smashing with the police van. Complete each missions with in time to get more score in this virtual police officer simulator, so that you can easily unlock the other crazy missions. Lovely environment of the virtual house and 3D grand city environment made this game crazy.

Virtual Mom Police Working Family Game Features:

• Multiple role of a virtual mother and lady police.
• Many house task to perform.
• Drive police van to catch the criminals.
• 3D graphics of luxury house and grand city environment.
• Challenging and thrilling gameplay.
• Cool sound effects and fabulous graphics.
• Smooth controls and addictive gameplay.

This virtual family simulator is full of entertainment and fun, play as a virtual mommy to complete all the virtual house tasks as well as a police department too. Chase the criminal’s car and crush it by hitting with the police van. Just grab the free Virtual Mom Police Working Family Game and show your strategy to accomplish the entire tasks.

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Virtual DAD : Amazing Family Man || Android/iOS Gameplay #1

There lives an amazing family in an ordinary neighborhood with a dad who takes care of everyone around him. He performs household activities to support his family, neighbors, and pets. When multi-tasking daily household chores, the real challenge is to manage all tasks properly & perfectly. Withdraw money from the bank, plant seeds, change punctured car tires, report crimes to the police, go jogging with friends, and do many more exciting & interesting leisure activities.

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Top 10 Funny Baby Videos (2015)

Here are the most funny baby videos of 2015, and who doesn’t like baby videos, especially funny babies!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Subway Surfers – Gameplay Trailer – Free Game Review for iPhone/iPad/iPod

More great free iPhone iPad iPod playlist –

Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.

DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

– Grind trains with your cool crew!
– Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
– Hoverboard Surfing!
– Paint powered jetpack!
– Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
– Challenge and help your friends!

Join the App Store’s most daring chase!

An Universal App with hd optimized graphics for retina resolution.

Subway Surfers is compatible with iPod 3, iPod 4, iPod 5, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini.

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