Wall St – Stylized Street Maps 🗺 Live Wallpapers [Android App]

Welcome to Wall St. – the wallpaper app that displays beautiful, stylized street maps that automatically updates with your location. Wall St. periodically updates your background to display HD street maps that look great on any device.

Love the abstract nature of maps, or have a knack for beautiful cartography? Wall St. is the app for you. Check out Wall St.’s features below:

🖌️ Thousands of Styles
Browse through thousands of map styles. There are various categories to choose from, including light, dark, colorful, greyscale, monochrome, and more. You are guaranteed to find a style that suits your taste, and device’s theme.

📍 Maps Your Surroundings
Wall St. automatically updates your wallpaper based on your current location. Get refreshing new wallpapers of street imagery as you go about your day.

🔓 Pro Features
When you purchase the pro features, you will have even more control.
• Hide Labels – Remove labels from roads, points of interests, and cities for a clean and minimal look.
• Zoom – Select a zoom level to show or hide more of your surroundings.

Some other features include:

❤️ Save to Your Collection
Save your favorite styles to your collection, by tapping the heart icon. All saved styles can be viewed in the “My Collection” screen.

🔍 Search for the Right Style
Search by name, author, or color scheme. Sort styles by relevant, popular, recent and name.

Wall St. is the number one wallpaper app for abstract street map imagery. Download now and start exploring!


Architectural Sketch challenge Day 019

Architectural Sketch challenge Day 019

Architectural Sketch challenge by Osama Elfar
The Application is : #Shapr3D
The Application is : #ConceptsApp
The Application is : #sketchup
The tablet is : #ipadpro
The Stylus is : #applepencil

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How Much Android Developer Earns From Free Apps? | ThingsToKnow

Currency used in the video:

Rs. 1600 = $ 22.93
Rs 40k = $ 573.37
Rs 54k = $ 773.92
Rs 6 Lacs = $ 8599.07

How Much Android Developers Make From Free Apps? What are the factors for Android Apps Earning? Why are Active Downloads so much important for Android App Earning?

Check this, Should You Create Android Or iOS App?


Grab these android courses to enhance your skill and earn money :

Fashion App: From Sketch to Android Studio:


It’s a most rated course on the Udemy. You just don’t’ have to code
but also give your app a nice user interface. This course is a perfect blend of designing and coding.

How to Put Ads Into Your Apps – AdMob – Xcode, Swift, iOS :


It’s another highly rated course. This course will let you know how to integrate ads into your mobile apps.

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How to Get Netflix for Free (For a Year!)

In this tutorial I’ll tell you how you can get Netflix for free for an entire year! Apparently there is a bonus you can get if you know about it, and a friend tipped me off to this one, so I thought I’d share it with you all as well!
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Thin underwater cables hold the internet. See a map of them all.

Your internet isn’t just underwater. It’s also covered in Vaseline. Follow Phil Edwards and Vox Almanac on Facebook for more: https://www.facebook.com/philedwardsinc1/

Map by TeleGeography: http://www.submarinecablemap.com/

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The internet is known to pulse through fiber optic cables and cell phone towers, but 99% of high-speed international information is transferred under the sea. How long has this been happening? Underwater cables delivering information isn’t a novel idea — the first Transatlantic cable was laid in 1858—undersea cables have been around since the telegraph.

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Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017

Get #1 cell phone tracker http://mspy-review.com/getmspy

Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017 – Have you ever dreamt of finding the exact location of your family,friend,girl friend or boy friend.Yes,its possible and any software (or) victims phone are not needed.You could track their mobile number using your android device itself that too in just 2 minutes.Wanna find how???Watch the video till the end to find How To Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017 with IP Address In Any Part Of The World.
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Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017

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