What Rom do I Run on My Nexus 6 “My Daily Driver”

What Rom do I Run on My Nexus 6 “My Daily Driver”
I’ve had so many requests for a video on what is on my device, I though I would show you what I am running. Theme and all. I will get one out for my other devices as well as my normal rom review videos. I am waiting on updates for the reviews though.
S.i.X rom Google Plus Community link.


Blackbird Kernel by Reventech Googke Community link


Hayes Tech Rom Reviews Google Plus Community link


How To Install And Use Multirom Nexus 6 on Android 7.1.1

How To Install And Use Multirom Nexus 6 on Android 7.1.1
This is an updated tutorial on installing and then using Multirom for the nexus 6. This tutorial will also work for pretty much any other Nexus device like the Nexus 5, 5x, 6, 6p, 7, and 9. I updated this because of the issues with Nougat and I highly recommend that for installing to secondary that you install and set up in primary and then move to secondary spot.
These Multirom zips are all unofficial builds. The developer for the Nexus 6 has not come up with an official version that has been updated to work with Nougat yet. Back up your device first and always, flash at your own risk…
Link to XDA Thread for Official Multirom and where you will find these two devs at too..

Link to the unofficial builds (these links are in page 208 in the thread) and either will work just fine, I’m using the one by @Captain_Throwback and have tested the one from @BitO_BSessiOn and they both work just fine.


Make sure you head over to the XDA thread and thank them both for their hard work that went into getting this out for sharing.

My Google Plus Community

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Fluence UHD Patch for almost any Device By “Miustone”

Fluence UHD Patch for almost any Device By “Miustone”
This is a patch that will add a ton of options to just about any device and just about any rom. It removes forced encryption and add root (if you want it). There are features for adding LG V20 camera and V20 audio enhancements. It has a de-bloater in it as well as options to add some cool apps by “chainfire” and other awesome devs.
The patch is still being worked on but is almost ready for release to the public so as soon as Miustone is finished with it, I will post the links here. This is basically a guide to flash it and to show what features and choices are in it.
OK, the patch is now public so he is what it looks like and what’s in it. This is going to be huge.


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Review of SAOSP “Simple AOSP”for the Nexus 6p (OMS)

Review of SAOSP “Simple AOSP”for the Nexus 6p (OMS)
I am running Flash kernel because I don’t know for sure about force encryption and that is the only reason. I did test the Substratum theme again after the update and it is OMS and not legacy. It is working great. The only issue I had was with my screen record app that I use.
XDA link to download this rom


This is the vendor image I used. It is for the Verizon carrier device but the thread days it will work on other carriers too.


XDA link to Flash Kernel


Link to my Google Plus Community


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Install iOS 9 on Android 👈

Install iOS 9 on Android 👈
Install #iOS 9 on #Android device

****Only for Micromax Canvas HD A116******** OR

******Get this All Features in Any Android Device without root********

#port this rom to your android device

#Micromax Canvas HD A116 is used in this video

Don’t forget to take Nandrioid Backup
# i am not responsible for damage/bricking of any device #

#Thank you to developer aaryan45 for creating this awesome custom #ROM

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Nothing, Just A116 & Clones
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v1
Stable Release Date: 2016-05-01
Subscribe and give a support 🙂
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Updating Custom ROMs (Pure Nexus)


I am not responsible for any damage caused or any data lost. Please make sure you understand the procedure and also make backups of anything important!

Vote and post suggestions for videos and ask for help here on reddit:


Unlocked Bootloader
Basic comprehension


Nexus USB Drivers (Windows): http://bit.ly/21kUlUP
– Tutorial on installing drivers: https://youtu.be/NGy85rFFhLM

Getting platform-tools (adb & fastboot): http://bit.ly/2ikt2ZP

Checksum Calculator: http://bit.ly/2bYNieN

As an example of what I’m using, Pure Nexus: https://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6p/development/rom-pure-nexus-layers-fi-wifi-calling-t3244563

Thanks for watching!
Any questions? Ask them in the comments!

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