What’s new with Android TV (Google I/O '18)

Come learn about Android TV’s new flagship device, new features, recent system enhancements, and platform evolution.

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Here are some addition resources to dive further into what was covered in the talk!
Android TV Documentation → https://goo.gl/Sj8wzj
Android TV Home Screen → https://goo.gl/zRDuWG
Android TV Home Screen Previewing Videos → https://goo.gl/HCBXsE
Android TV and Google Assistant documentation → https://goo.gl/LLkkjz

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TV Buying Guide 2019 – HDR 4K TVs, OLED, LCD/LED, IPS, VA Screens

How to buy a TV. Looking for new Television? All you need to know before buying a TV. ➥ https://learn-share.net/tv-buying-guide/ Panel technologies? LCD/LED vs OLED, HDR 4K, 8K, screen size, wall mount, backlight technology, brightness (nits), contrast ratio, speakers, connectivity, curved or flat, smart TV. 💟 Subscribe L&S Channel https://goo.gl/KLeC2V

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Viewing distance calculator https://learn-share.net/tv-viewing-distance-calculator/

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An overview of Cloud IoT Core (Google I/O ’18)

Come learn about Google Cloud’s new IoT Platform — Cloud IoT Core. This session will dive deep into how to connect and configure IoT devices with Google Cloud Platform, and how to get their data into the rest of the ecosystem using Pub/Sub and Dataflow.

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Test Xiaomi Mi Box TV : Un vrai Android TV 4K @ 60Hz qui décode la H.265 10bit en français (fr)

Test de la Xiaomi Mi Box sous Android TV ! TEST et PRIX sur le site : https://www.bxnxg.com/bon-plan-xiaomi-mi-box-android-tv-h265-4k-streaming-8gb-stockage-2gb-ram-marshmallow-google-telecommande-gyroscope-review-test-prix/ ↙️↙️↙️ Appuyez sur [PLUS] pour + d’infos !

Une box TV un peu differente des precedentes pusiqu’il s’agit d’un veritable Android TV ! Pilotable entierement a la telecommande et avec une interface et des applications totalement dediees a la TV.

Que vaut cette box ? Est elle plus pratique qu’une box TV classique ? Quels sont ses limitations ? Peut on lire tout type de video ? Peut on jouer ou installer d’autres applications ? On regarde tout ca !

Retrouver les produits (liens affilies) :

– Xiaomi Mi Box TV a 68€67 avec le code “GBMIBOX2” au lieu de 73-84€ : https://goo.gl/p95z5J

– Manette GameSir G3s Bluetooth Android/iOS/PC/PS3 a 19-29€ (utilisez le code “GG3SG” pour l’avoir a 21€78 si encore dispo) : https://goo.gl/LgBdil

– Mini clavier Bluetooth pliable 1byone Android/iOS/Windows AZERTY 28€ : http://amzn.to/2iUwfmt

Resume de la video :

– Exterieur du produit et contenu de la boite
– Presentation du launcher d’Android TV et des applications
– Presentation des parametres d’Android TV et differents reglages
– Applications de streaming Android TV (Netflix, Molotov, myCanal, OCS, YouTube, Arte, TF1Vod…)
– Applications de lecture videos (Kodi, VLC, MX Player PRO)
– Test de videos 4K H.265 sur Kodi et VLC
– Test du jeux 3D Repulze et Space
– Test d’emulation SNES (Mario, Zelda, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem…)

Suivre BXNXG, restez informes (news, bons plans, tutos) :

🔹 Le site : https://www.bxnxg.com
🔹 La page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bxnxg
🔹 Le compte Twitter : https://twitter.com/bxnxg
🔹 La page Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BenjaminMarquant

Credits :

Lane 8 feat. Lucy Stone – Nothing You Can Say (Original Mix) : https://soundcloud.com/anjunadeep/lane-8-feat-lucy-stone-4

Remerciements :

Je remercie Gearbest qui m’a envoye cette box pour les tests !


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Modern Android development: Android Jetpack, Kotlin, and more (Google I/O 2018)

The last couple of years have seen a plethora of new features and patterns for Android developers. But how do developers know when to use existing APIs and features vs. new ones? This session will help developers understand how they all work together and learn what they should use to build solid, modern Android applications.

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