What’s On My Android: Summer 2017 Edition

This summer you can have a brand new setup on your Android phone! This video features a setup on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ as well as Zach Anderson’s (EZTech231) Samsung Galaxy S8+. All mentioned widgets are listed below.

Nova Launcher: http://savvy.life/NovaLauncher
Backdrops: http://savvy.life/Backdrops
Perfect Icon Pack: http://savvy.life/PerfectIconPack
KWGT Widget: http://savvy.life/KWGT
T W E L V E KWGT Widget: http://savvy.life/TwelveKWGT
Month Calendar Widget: http://savvy.life/MonthCalendar
Subscriber Count: http://savvy.life/SubscriberCount
Weather Widget: http://savvy.life/WeatherWidget

Zach’s Channel: http://savvy.life/ZachAnderson

Nova Launcher – http://bit.ly/1OuKCoj
Quantum Dots Icon Pack – http://bit.ly/2tr843j
Spirly Live Wallpaper – http://bit.ly/2ubcecF
KWGT Widget – http://bit.ly/2uoj6Dy
Ocea KWGT – http://bit.ly/2sVXOPF
Zooper Widget – http://bit.ly/1n8eDkk
mnml UI for Zooper – http://bit.ly/2eYw82J
Month Calendar – http://bit.ly/1KpDtle
Subscription Count Widget – http://bit.ly/2frhBP8
Wall On – http://bit.ly/2ranhWF
Wonderwall – http://bit.ly/2t4ryHA
Ace Walls – http://bit.ly/2snoYQ8

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Instagram – http://instagram.com/stephanie.carls

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What’s on my Android Phone! Summer 2017

What’s on my Android Phone! Summer 2017

dbrand: https://goo.gl/deFMdF

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What’s on my Phone 2017 Detailed Edition! Dhananjay Bhosale

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Important Apps shown in the video-
Pixel Launcher- https://goo.gl/Zfu4S2
Wallpaper App by Google- https://goo.gl/I0CTpR
Loader Droid Download Manager- https://goo.gl/rIrCzD
Flud- https://goo.gl/x0Un3F
Solid File Explorer- https://goo.gl/SWtmCH
SwiftKey Keyboard- https://goo.gl/G9rjQz
All other basic apps are present on Play Store!
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My Nova Launcher Setup | Requested Video | U Droid Mania

Today I’ve got a quick requested video on my current Nova setups on my phones. This video was made to show you what the few screens that I have on my phones. I get a lot of questions on the apps I use so here you are:

Nova backup files:
Samsung Galaxy s8: https://goo.gl/isqRv6
LG G6: https://goo.gl/wcgEYi
Samsung Galaxy S8+: https://goo.gl/D7RJK9

For my general how to setup video, check out what I did for my Galaxy Note 7: https://youtu.be/YPIIDisafQM. This part is basically the same if you want to try it without the backup file.

Nova launcher: https://goo.gl/oJXUjH
Nova Launcher Prime: https://goo.gl/xspvyJ — paid app
Parrot for Zooper: https://goo.gl/4DLLkB
Fox for Zooper: https://goo.gl/PYhwEU
Today Weather: https://goo.gl/A32Jkg
Weather Timeline: https://goo.gl/LSe2qJ
Google Clock: https://goo.gl/pHq9Sj
Whicons Icon pack: https://goo.gl/yWM5mu
Samsung Theme: [MINU] Modern_Black
Calendar Widget: Month: https://goo.gl/vmRajQ
Keyboard — I didn’t show this, but I use SwiftKey: https://goo.gl/F6RWw6

Galaxy s8: UAG Pathfinder Case: https://goo.gl/rxS2pw
LG G6: Olixar Screen protector: https://goo.gl/v7CoQM

Wallpaper apps:
Galaxy S8
Zedge: https://goo.gl/EviCbC (I searched for orange cars and choose this BMW) BMW Wallpaper: https://goo.gl/p9T6Xz

S8+ and LG G6
Muzei: https://goo.gl/hCZAkM
Muzei Earth: https://goo.gl/K1WtQW

*Setup Submission details*
If you would like to have your phone setup featured on U Droid Mania, please send me via email, photos/video of your home screen and a description of the setup, including App and icon names along with wallpapers (links for wallpaper if you’d like to share). You can email them to: emcdow@gmail.com.

Depending on the number of setups I receive, I will either make a video featuring them all or several videos.

I would like to make this video next Sunday, 07/09/2017 (July 09, 2017), so please send all entries by Saturday, July 08. Who knows, there may be a prize for the best voted setup…!

Music credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtIF0v0Zvpc

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WHAT’S ON MY PHONE & WHY! || Pixel XL 2017

Come laugh, cry and cringe at what’s on my phone! Yea boiii!

Sponsored by SET TV
►GET A 3 DAY FREE TRIAL USING THIS LINK! https://goo.gl/LoKmsx

► Nova Launcher https://goo.gl/b6BMqF
► Material Islands https://goo.gl/AijDCj
► SafeInCloud https://goo.gl/VTPvbK
► RIng https://goo.gl/WV7kHw
► Upflix https://goo.gl/CTtwMf
► 17Track https://goo.gl/kxa2HD
► Pushbullet https://goo.gl/Bgye6W
► Gboard https://goo.gl/rpRWhQ
► PI https://goo.gl/Pt57WG
► Reddit https://goo.gl/8iZCEm
► Snapseed https://goo.gl/V9q5xV
► Speedtest https://goo.gl/yFBmi6
► Temp Mail https://goo.gl/jzM7WG

Music Credits:
Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/vibe-with-me
Vexento https://soundcloud.com/vexento/vexento-smile
Miste https://soundcloud.com/miste-s/miste-burning

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FTC Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsored video. All opinions expressed in this video are my own.

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5 Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S8 (Security)

In this video, I will share 5 Tips and Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ in relation to security. Let’s dive in and discover.

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