Whatsapp latest update May 2017 – व्हाट्सप्प में आया एक नया फीचर

Namaskar Doston Iss Video mein main aapko Whatsapp latest update May 2017 ke bare mein bataunga jisme Whatsapp ne Naya Pin Feature Add Kiya Hai.

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15 Secret WhatsApp Tricks that Every User Must Know

WhatsApp is a quite poplar chatting app with millions of users using it regularly for their work. However most of them don’m know some tricks and hack which every whatsapp user must know. So in this video I’ve compiled 15 Secret WhatsApp Tricks that Every User Must Know. So make sure to watch the video about 15 Secret WhatsApp Tricks that Every User Must Know till the end to learn some amazing whatsapp tricks and hack and make sure to watch this till the end as there’s a a little surprise for you guys.

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• Chat Offline: http://ouo.io/bacqnP
• OKGoogle: http://ouo.io/1rQHfjQ
• SignUp for WhatsApp Beta: http://ouo.io/1bfpum
• Chat Bubbles: http://ouo.io/qqh9K1
• MaskChat: http://ouo.io/Ih9rCG7
• AutoResponder: http://ouo.io/6jS3Cz
• AutoResponder Pro: http://ouo.io/2QgRDh
• Click2Chat: http://ouo.io/9j5cmc
• NextPlus: http://ouo.io/kCK1G9
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• EmojiCo: http://ouo.io/kAM4B5
• Magic Cleaner: http://ouo.io/vq39rP
• BONUS TRICK: http://ouo.io/QBfZQg

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How To Hack Anyone’s Whatsapp Without Scaning QR Code Easily – See Other’s Messages/Pics | 2017

Wanna Hack Whatsapp Hack Or Spy Someone Your Friend / Relative / Children Then This Is The Best Method Shown In The Video To Hack Whatsapp Without QR Code Bar Code. The Best Way To Easily Hack Whatsapp Messenger And See Messages And Control The Victim’s Phone

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How to Hack Whatsapp without QR Code Scan | be original.

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Top 10 WhatsApp tricks of 2017 | MAY 2017 |

How to chat secretly
Whatsapp without touching it
Send media to your pc via whatsapp
How to unblock yourself
Whatsapp bomb
Send apk/games on whatsapp
Back tick blank
Fake whatsapp chat
How to run 2 whatsApp
Image preview changer

Ab mai aapse ye faaltu sawal to poochhunga nahi ki aap whatsapp use karte hain ki nahi.. But bhai dekho.. Ek sawal to banta hai.. Kya aap whatsapp smartly use karte ho.. ?? Dekho aapko apne bade logo se, ghar me maa baap, relative se ye to sunne ko mila hoga ki jab dekho tab whatsapp me laga rahta hai to iska jawab hai haan.. Laga rahta hu.. Bhai.. Ab saare kaam ispe hote hain to kyun na karun.. Ab kal class me physics ka lecture hai ki nahi ye poochhne uske ghar jaunga..
To khair.. Baat kar rahe the hum whatsapp use karne ki.. Mera matlab hai smartly use karne ki.. To chaliye.. Dukaan kholte hain..

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Spanish: Ultimos 10 trucos
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Mongolian: хамгийн сүүлийн үеийн шилдэг 10 заль мэх
Marathi: नवीनतम शीर्ष 10 युक्त्या
Myanmar (Burmese): နောက်ဆုံးပေါ်ထိပ်ဆုံး 10 လှည့်ကွက်
Nepali: नवीनतम शीर्ष 10 चाल
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Chinese (Simplified): 最新的十大技巧
Chinese (Traditional): 最新的十大技巧

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Whatsapp new update pin feature 29 April 2017

Dosto whatsapp ka new features pin update aj he aya he to is video me apko bataunga ki ap kis tarah se whatsapp ko le test update kr sakte he or kis tarah se is pin feature ka use kr sakte he…

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