Wifi Hotspot | Android App | Tutorial

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Difficulty in going to settings – Additional Settings – Tethering & Portable Hotspot = Start or Configure Hotspot. Aren’t this process is time consuming too ?

Do you really know how many devices are connected to you & sharing your resources ? if not , then don’t worry , it is very fast & reliable to keep an eye on connected devices.

Presenting you “Wifi Hotspot”


1. One Touch on/off
2. See Connected Clients
3. One Touch Tethering & Portable Hotspot Configure

Give it a Try

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Gourav Sharma
Android Developer

ESP8266 WiFi Control with Android App.

ESP8266 WiFi Control Device ( Relay )

Android App on Google Play

This ESP8266 WiFi Module Project you can control 4 channel relay outputs via WiFi Network.

4 Digital Output Control ON/OFF (Relay)
Control with WiFi Network
Change your device name
Save IP Address ( Port 80 )

1.ESP8266 WiFi Module ( or NodeMCU )
2.4 Channel Relay Board. ( Active High )
3.OLED Display

Source Code on GitHub


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Two Most Powerful WiFi Pentestation And Exploitation Tools [Android Tutorial]

Two Most Powerful WiFi Pentestation And Exploitation Tools [Android Tutorial]

Hi Friends, This Is My First Video Tutorial On This Channel As An0n Ali, In This Tutorial I’m Going To Tell You Guys About The Two Most Powerful WiFi Pentesting And Exploitation Tools For Android!

Websites Used In The Video:


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How to Hack Wifi On Android Phone (100% Working With Proof)

Its easy-peasy just open it & start hacking…

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How to BLOCK WiFi devices with my Phone? [No Root] [iOS/Android] [Works 100%]

This tutorial shows the way in which anyone can legally block other people from using their WiFi or internet connection through MAC address filtration setting in their router with their smartphone (IOS or Android). Thus helping you in increasing your bandwidth and speed of your internet connection.

This Video is divided into two parts :

i) Identification : Identify any unwanted users connected to network.
ii) Block : Block unwanted people from our network.


DOWNLOAD: http://maaztech.co/block-internet-users-smartphone/





► How to recover in case of connectivity issues?

Things you can do :

1) Connect to WiFi from different smartphone and unblock your blocked device.
2) Power switch ON/OFF router with 10 seconds duration span.

If all above is not a solution to your problem, try this :

Reset your router. Go here for tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHg6VASuOqI
Remember: After you reset your router, router username and password will change to default.

Music : DEAF KEV – Invincible

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Hey Guys!Its me Masroor here from MaazTech.Today I am gonna show you how to block devices from connecting to your WiFi connection through your smartphone.Now I already made a similar video before where i showed how to block through a computer rather than a smartphone.So make sure you go watch that video as well, to get a better understanding of both smartphones and computer.So before we get started with tutorial, you need to know certain things like your router’susername and password and also your default gateway IP address.With that being said lets get started.So the first thing you need to do before we
start blocking people.Go to this app called Fing.And I have given the download link for the same in the description below so you can goahead and download from there.And so what this app does is, it basically scans my network to find all the user connectedto it.So in case I find a user which is not authorized, I can go ahead and block him.So what I am gonna do is, I am just gonna press this refresh button right here.It will scan my network to find all the users connected to it.

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Fix for Hotspot Automatically Turning Off

I’ve been having issues with my Mobile Hotspot Tethering for the past few months, which eventually also affected my bluetooth.

What happens is when I turn on my Hotspot, it stays on for only 10 seconds, other devices can detect the Hotspot but that’s it, it will turn itself off after 10 seconds.

After looking for solutions online and attempting almost all of them, the least popular solution turned out to be the best fix for me. Just uninstall updates for Babel Fonts, simple as that! Hopefully it helps for those who’re struggling with the same issue out there…

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