Wifi setup and tethering on android in urdu

Wifi setup and tethering on android in
You can setup your personal wifi and hotspot on android device.
Very easy and useful for you.
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Enable Free Wi-Fi Tethering on Android Marshmallow [How-To]

How to Bypass Carrier Restrictions to Enable WiFi Tethering [Root]
Full Tutorial: http://gadgethacks.com/how-to/enable-free-wi-fi-tethering-android-marshmallow-0167832/
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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to enable free Wi-Fi tethering/mobile hotspot functionality on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. Normally, most North American carriers block or restrict this feature, but with this simple build.prop edit, you’ll be able to tether to your heart’s content.

Your regular monthly data cap and overage fees will still apply, but you’ll be able to piggyback your mobile data connection over to any device without Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon Wireless knowing about it.

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How to activate wifi hotspot/tether for free

How to activate wifi hotspot/tether for free with a root app

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Link to WIFI TETHER APP from google play

How to install Android Device drivers http://youtu.be/j_KPGUMzrjU
2 ways to check the MD5 sum http://youtu.be/ULjvFlGZ_lY
Why Root Android devices video http://youtu.be/6vqnnLnOn3g
Android device hacking explained http://youtu.be/UUTwYHfmHv4
Universal UnRoot App for all Devices http://youtu.be/ySNStU8OTuk

Warning… do this at your own risk.
I am happy to help with any problems my subscribers are having on their android devices. I am going to need lots of info from you to help. 1. What device you are on. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What rom or stock rom you are on. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. What recovery system you are using. With this info I will be able to help much faster. 

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How to share internet from Android to iPhone – Tethering – Hot Spot – Wi Fi

Share internet from Android Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to iPhone 5c.
Mobile Hotspot.
Wi Fi Tethering.
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FREE WiFi Hotspot/Tethering for ALL Devices (PDANet+/Foxfi) NO ROOT

Thanks for Watching!! If Foxfi and PDANet+ are blocked on your Play Store, use the following links to check and download them:

Foxfi Compatability Check: http://adf.ly/1L12Lb

Foxfi Installer: http://foxfi.com/bin/

PDANet+ Installer: http://adf.ly/1L12Oy

Website: http://adf.ly/CttqD
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips – Setting Up Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

It’s not always the case, but sometimes a strong cellular data connection can be found more easily than a good Wi-Fi network. In these situations, a newer smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a data plan can be worth it’s weight in gold. Why? Because you can enable a Wi-Fi network right from your phone to let other nearby devices get Wi-Fi and use your data connection for internet using a feature called Tethering. Here’s how to use tethering on your Samsung Galaxy S6:


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