World Cricket Championship 2 – 2017 Update

World Cricket Championship 2 2017 updated now live on Android. Soon on iOS!!

Here is the complete list of updates

1. Hindi commentary
2. New set of English commentary
3. Manual field placement in Test cricket
4. Over 150 new animations
5. TWENTY SIX new batting shots
6. New fielding animations
7. Improved Artificial Intelligence
8. Team celebrations
9. Direct Hit/Over throw
10. Highlights of the game played can be now saved and shared – Unique feature that is not available in any other game.
11. Included Night Mode for Quick Play matches as well as all Tournaments
12. LED stumps in night mode of the game
13. Select your own squad from 15 or more number of players
14. Hard mode is made Harder now on users request
15. SIX New stadiums
16. EIGHT new patterns for Jersey to customize
17. New Toss and umpire animation
18. Updated DRS
19. Enhanced visuals
20. Optimized for smooth game play

Most Weird Bowling Actions of Cricket Ever

Here’s presenting a list of 6 such bowlers who are best remembered for their weird actions.
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Top 10 Most Funniest fails in cricket||Worst Fails ever in Cricket History ||

Top 10 Most Funniest fails in cricket||Worst Fails ever in Cricket History ||
Top 10 Most Funniest fails in cricket| – top 10 most funniest fails ever in cricket history funny fails. top 6 “funniest run outs fails” in cricket history (updated 2016).

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top 10 most funniest fails ever in cricket history | funny fails.

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The Best Catches in Cricket History of all time!!

The best catches in cricket from the 90s upto present day including the famous and controversial catch of Tendulkar from Jonty Rhodes, Jacques Kallis, Mark Waugh, Ricky Ponting and many more. IPL 2017
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The deadly bouncers in cricket history of all times!!

The deadly Bouncers in Cricket

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The Best catches in cricket history of all time!!

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top compilation of worst cricket fights. india. includes india pakistan fights. cricket, ipl fights. 2016.

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