XGIMI CC Aurora: probably the most beautiful Android projector on the market

XGIMI CC Aurora: probably the most beautiful Android projector on the market. The versatility of Android continues to bring Google’s operating system to all types of devices, and although we had already seen the green android give life to some projector – and also some gadget with the pico-phone Samsung Galaxy Beam, truth is that XGIMI has introduced to what is probably the most beautiful Android projector on the market. It is called XGIMI CC Aurora, and comes to expand the range of a manufacturer with extensive experience in the market of portable and compact projectors, this time dare with a device design carefully and also arrives ‘powered by Android’ to expand its possibilities.

The projector that introduces us this time XGIMI has the appearance of a cube, with measures of 137.9 x 134.9 x 119.1 millimeters, and incorporates an attractive handle of skin to game to facilitate its transport. Its design and construction have been worked to the millimeter, with good materials and the detail of a sliding panel that protects the lamp in the front face. At the bottom of the device we find two 40-millimeter speakers, and is that the XGIMI CC Aurora can run smoothly as a wireless Bluetooth speaker to use. And for there to be no suspicions about its quality, the sound is signed by JBL, a seal of confidence that the most sybaritic of sound will surely be grateful.

The native resolution of the projector is HD 720p, although it supports UltraHA sources thanks to a re-scaling via software that is handled by the projector itself, which the manufacturer assures will give us the possibility to enjoy a screen up to 180 inches portable, a data perhaps optimistic seeing the product of which we speak. The XGIMI CC Aurora also has Osram lighting and autofocus, and its battery reaches 20,000 mAh capacity to achieve autonomy around 4 hours of uninterrupted use. Few more details about its specifications, most not announced by the manufacturer, that yes, indicates an internal memory to store up to 10 movies or 4,000 songs.

We know that it will have at least one USB port and support for AirPlay technology, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, the latter technologies that will allow us to play content wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet directly on the projector.

Availability coming soon, price unknown …

And as it could not be less, the Aurora CC of XGIMI has an operating system based on Android and adapted to the projector, with which we can also enjoy all the content available on Google Play. Finally, in terms of availability and price, as the news is that there is no news. XGIMI has announced its availability soon without specifying dates, and has not revealed any details as to its sales prices in the different markets.

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