Xiaomi Mi A1 March OTA Security Update | Android 8.1 & Android P ? Mi A1 April OTA Update

Xiaomi Mi A1 April And March Update and 8.3.22 Rolling Out Today with bug fixes and March Security Patch. Does It Has Android 8.1 & Android P ? Latest March Update Must Watch with 1 march 2018 security patch for all Stable users. Mi A1 Beta Users are also getting a new update 8.3.22 with lot of improvements and bug fixes.

In This Video:-
Mi A1 April Update
Mi A1 March Security Patch
Mi A1 Stable Update
Mi A1 Beta 8.3.22 Update
Mi A1 Bugs,Imrovements, New Features And Tricks
Mi A1 Android 8.1

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Install Google Pixel Camera Without Root Mi A1😏 https://youtu.be/ZKwxqMQqYDo

Miui 9 Beta Tester Video https://youtu.be/XOEgJvg5F4E

Mi A1 Update Video https://youtu.be/VZCCkJA4Hos

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MI A1 top 10 changes after March security update || Mi a1 improvement and bugs fixes after march🔥🔥

Dear friends in this video i had told you about Top 10 changes in xiaomimi a1 after march security update. you can also say it as improvement and bug fixes in xioami.mi a1 after march security update. As you all know that recently xiaomi mi a1 devices recieved the Android oreo March security update so here in this video i will tell you what improvement xiaomi did in this update and which bugs are fixed after update so watch the video till end to get to know about your solved issues easily. do not skip any part of video. Hope u liked this video.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 March OTA Update, क्या ये अप्रैल का OTA है? 😱

hello guys, in this video i’ll show you that a new OTA update has come on our Xiaomi Mi A1 device, named April 2018 OTA, but is it really april patch or its March OTA update of Xiaomi Mi A1? just watch the video and your doubts will be cleared, so guys, i would love to tell you that it a security patch update of march on mi a1 device, so its not oreo 8.1 update or april patch, its march OTA update for Xiaomi Mi A1, and stay tuned for bug fixes and change log of this march OTA update of Xiaomi MI A1.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 – March 2018 update | Stable OS?

Hi friends,
In this video, I’ve shown you latest March 2018 update for Xiaomi Mi A1.
March security patch started to roll out today onward, and you can get it by normal OTA notification if system is unrooted.

If you still not received update, do check it manually under Settings – Systems – System Update -click on “Check for updates”. You should get the OTA update. If still not able to get it then wait for a day or two.

You can also get the update after installing Google Play Services from this link : https://goo.gl/g8zZGd
After installing apk, check again in Settings – Systems – System update – click on “Check for updates”

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Xiaomi Mi A1 – Battery draining and charging time after March update | 3 Hours 12 mins

hi friends,
In this video I’ve shown you battery charging time which is completed in 3 hours 12 mins from 0% to 100% at certain conditions.
Also battery draining issue is fixed in March update. Now, Screen on Time is around 5 hours 45 mins for single charge.
More videos on this stable update will be uploaded soon.

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Xiaomi MiA1 March Stable Update – Installation & Features

Hello Guyss..!! In this video we will be showing you how to get the March security update in Mi A1 and the changes in this update..!!

Xiaomi MiA1 March Update
Xiaomi MiA1 March Security Update
MiA1 Update Changelog
How to install Xiaomi MiA1 March update
How to force update in Xiaomi MiA1
MiA1 March Update Features
mia1 March update

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