Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo Update, how to update and difference in UI before and after

Xiaomi has rolled out Oreo Update on Mi A1. Here is the Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo Update view. In this video I have shown how to update the handset from Nougat to Oreo and what is the UI difference before and after the update.

Mi A1 review part 1 (unboxing) – https://youtu.be/sxYG0LKOUqw
Mi A1 review part 2 – https://youtu.be/y8GWsrpuy9c
Mi A1 special Edition Red – https://youtu.be/uzweBNeu5gk

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FAST CHARGING on Mi A1 with Android Oreo? Top Features in 8.0 Update!

What new features does the new OREO update from Xiaomi bring for the Xiaomi Mi A1and does the phone finally support Quick Charge? Are there any major bugs in this update? Let’s find out!

The Mi A1 is the only phone under 15k in India to run Oreo!

Where Can You Buy the Xiaomi Mi A1?
Flipkart: http://fkrt.it/X6jlk!NNNN

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Mi A1 Special Edition Red unboxing, and have a good look at it

The Mi A1 now comes in RED, the Mi A1 Special Edition Red. Here is the unboxing and first impression of this special edition. It was available for Rs. 12,999 few days back and as of now it is priced at Rs. 13,999.

Older Mi A1 reviews

Mi A1 has already been launched but just few days back the Mi A1 Special Edition Red was made available. This is special edition which means that only limited units will be manufactured. So if you are interested and like this Red color get it as soon as possible.

The Mi A1 Special Edition Red box packing is the same as seen with the older Mi A1 unboxing. The only difference is the Mi A1 in Red. Rest of the box content are the same. In fact the handset specifications are also the same.

Mi A1 Special Edition Red

Special Edition Red looks great now depends if you like the red color, plus there are two color combination Red and Black. The buttons are red, back is red, logos / text are in black and the front panel is back, rear dual camera module is black. Now this combination gives a very pure and element look to the handset.

Mi A1 Special Edition Red review

Red, its bright red and really catchy, it will easily grab attention. Have a look at the video and see for yourself how the M1 A1 in red looks like.

You can buy this from Mi.com website.

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Mi A1 Bugs after Oreo update.

Dear friends in this video i had told you about major bugs in Mi a1 after oreo stable update.As we know that xiaomi rolls out throw oreo update for mi a1 on 31st of 2017 but as of now few problems and issues are facing in xiaomi Mi a1 oreo update.in this video i have included all possible bugs which you might facing and i have told you a possible way to reaolve that issues.this video will help you to justify whether you are right or wrong in case of issues you are facing in xiaomi mi a1 oreo update.Many of you expected many thing with this oreo update in Xiaomi mi a1 but now many of you are disappointed with this oreo update because of its bugs.in this video you will get the way to resolve your issues regarding mi a1 oreo update.watch the video till end to get updated with its new bugs.

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Mi A1 Oreo Features (11+ New Tricks of 2018)

In this video, I have explained Mi A1 Oreo Features with New Tricks of 2018 which came up after an oreo update.

There are more than 15 + features which came up with this update. In this video, I am explaining some of the top Mi A1 oreo features which came up with an upgrade.

With this upgrade, lots of customization in UI has been possible. You can now change theme with an inbuilt feature. There is no need to use substratum and no root is required.

All Oreo Features of Mi A1 in the video so check it out.

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