Xiaomi Mi A1 | Second Android Oreo Stable Update ( January s.patch) | Features and Fixes

Xiaomi Released Second Android Oreo update | January security Patch (Bug fix update)
This video presents the bugs n issues that are fixed in this update | Problems and Solutions |
Buy Mi A1 – http://fkrt.it/XLhJJ!NNNN

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Mi A1 I January Security Patch – 13 Jan 2018 I Oreo – 89 MB I Nougat – Oreo + Jan (1112.4MB) I

Mi A1 I January Security Patch – 13 Jan 2018 I Oreo – 89 MN I Nougat – Oreo + Jan (1112.4MB) I

Giveaway Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj2e568s9rw&t=7s

So in today’s video I will be telling about the January Security Patch for Mi A1. No major changes here yet. For Oreo we get to see a 89 MB update but those who are yet on Nougat will get a 1112.4 MB update that will contain Android Oreo and January security Update.

Next Video will be important. Oreo is getting suspended due to major issues faced. stay tuned for news on this topic.

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Enable Google Pixel Camera in MiA1 | Front Portrait Mode | First On YouTube

Enable Google Pixel Camera in MiA1 | Front Portrait Mode | First On YouTube

#Read Complete Description#
Videos you may like-
Enable Google Pixel Camera on any Android: https://youtu.be/4GhvhZFpv0w

Get Google Pixel AR Stickers on MiA1: https://youtu.be/vRYuxbvF-M0

Get Google Pixel AR Stickers on Any Android: https://youtu.be/vRYuxbvF-M0

How to install Oreo Stable [Official] in MiA1: https://youtu.be/xp_0wqM4Myo
All require files: https://goo.gl/zCieP7
Works for these guys: https://goo.gl/tWRcFU
(If you are not getting Direct Install option in Magisk Manager then install magisk.zip file by TWRP recovery)

NOTE: Pixel Camera’s Portrait Mode is better than stock (Default) Camera. Color production is awesome. You will also get EIS in GCam.

Magisk Guide (How to install): https://goo.gl/hgMQFk ,
Installing magisk doesn’t stop your OTA update and you will also not lose your warranty and you can also use a rooted application if you want and magisk root your device.
If it affects OTA then you can go back to factory firmware anytime you want.
(Read all before comment because replying all comment not possible and also read others comment)

1. Is it required root?
– Yes, magisk will root your device system less-ly. What does it mean? read on XDA or Google.

2. How to unlock bootloader?
– Connect device by enabling OEM unlocking in developer mode of your device, connect the device in fastboot mode with PC by USB cable and then type “fastboot oem unlock” in command prompt. (Read more about it on xda)

3. Is it fake video?
– Works for these guys: https://goo.gl/tWRcFU

4. Direct install option is not available on MAGISK?
– Install it by TWRP, steps are: unlock bootloader, flash TWRP by PC, install magisk.zip by TWRP and then install magisk manager app from link in the description of video (You can get proper guide on XDA)

5. What about warranty?
– Magisk will root the device but system less-ly, you will gonna unlock bootloader: both say it will not void your warranty (If anyone knows better then let me know).

6. What about OTA updates?
– If your OTA stops then you can install factory firmware anytime you want.

7. If device got a softbrick?
– Anytime you can install stock factory firmware.

8. What about EIS in this Modded Camera?
– Yes, you will get EIS in it.

9. What happens to default (stock) camera after installing this?
– Nothing, it will not affect and both cameras works fine.

10. Stock camera vs Pixel 2 Camera?
– Pixel 2 Camera, it will give you front portrait mode, EIS and also able to capture Portrait mode in low lighting condition with front and back camera.

11. What is magisk?
– Search on Google or go to Xda

12. Can I get Google AR Stickers on it?
– Yes, you can, read the description.

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January 2018 Security Patch For Xiaomi Mi A1 and Changelog New Features and Bugs Fixes

In this video i showed you January 2018 Security Patch on My Xiaomi Mi A1 with Bugs Fixes, New Features and Changelog i hope you will like this video.

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Mi A1 Special Edition Red unboxing, and have a good look at it???[Hindi]

The Mi A1 now comes in RED, the Mi A1 Special Edition Red. Here is the unboxing and first impression of this special edition. It was available for Rs. 12,999 few days back and as of now it is priced at Rs. 13,999.
Mi A1 has already been launched but just few days back the Mi A1 Special Edition Red was made available. This is special edition which means that only limited units will be manufactured. So if you are interested and like this Red color get it as soon as possible.

The Mi A1 Special Edition Red box packing is the same as seen with the older Mi A1 unboxing. The only difference is the Mi A1 in Red. Rest of the box content are the same. In fact the handset specifications are also the same.

Mi A1 Special Edition Red

Special Edition Red looks great now depends if you like the red color, plus there are two color combination Red and Black. The buttons are red, back is red, logos / text are in black and the front panel is back, rear dual camera module is black. Now this combination gives a very pure and element look to the handset.

Mi A1 Special Edition Red review

Red, its bright red and really catchy, it will easily grab attention. Have a look at the video and see for yourself how the M1 A1 in red looks like.
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